Research interests

The ecology, behaviour, biogeography and taxonomy of termite preying ponerine ants (Formicidae, Ponerinae) and their termite prey (Termitidae, Macrotermitinae) is my main focus. The ant species Pachycondyla analis (better known by its junior synonym “Megaponera foetens”) is in the centre of the present study as a specialized predator with a wide distribution being present in a variety of biotopes of Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Video-Endoscopy of the undisturbed behaviour of termite preying ants within their soil nests illuminated with invisible near infrared light comes out to be a promising new method in non-invasive ecological surveys of species living partially “cryptic” to the observer.

Further on I am interested in African Heteroptera, their biogeography and taxonomy with special interest in the vertical distribution of species in African mountains in comparison to their overall distributional patterns, as well as in reduviid bugs (Het., Reduviidae) preying on ants and termites at the termitaria.

International cooperation and contact:

Sudan, Khartoum:
Sudan Institute for Natural Sciences (SIFNS)
Department of Zoology, University of Khartoum
Natural History Museum
Institute of Laser Applications, Sudan University of Science and Technology


Prof. Dr. K. E. Linsenmair, Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology, University of Würzburg, Biocenter - Am Hubland, 97074 Würzburg, Germany


Prof. Dr. J. Tautz, BEEgroup,  University of Würzburg, Biocenter - Am Hubland, 97074 Würzburg, Germany

Sudan, Abu Naama (Sinnar State):
Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sinnar, Abu Naama


Cooperations concerning African insects:


The Earwigs of Sudan: Checklist of the 14 species occurring in Sudan.


The Ants of Africa.



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